Voucher Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to this Voucher issued by Cartridge World Australia PTY LYD, ABN 51 126 261 158.

Your purchase, redemption or attempted redemption of this Voucher constitutes your acceptance to be bound by these terms and conditions of use.  If you let another person use your Card you must tell that person that s/he will be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

The Voucher expires on the "Expires" date written on the Voucher and cannot be used after expiry.

If you have any complaints, questions or would like more information about your Voucher, please call 08 8274 0906.


1               About this voucher

1.1           Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the "Date Issued" until the "Expires" date recorded on the Voucher.   Vouchers cannot be used after expiry.

1.2           Vouchers are not legal tender. You cannot obtain any cash advance with your Voucher, redeem your Voucher for cash or receive any portion of the Voucher in cash (including any unused portion on expiry).

1.3           Vouchers are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable, except as otherwise required by law. Vouchers are non-reloadable.

1.4           Treat the Voucher like cash. Lost, destroyed, stolen or damaged Vouchers will not be re-issued or refunded.

2               where can you use the voucher?

2.1           The Voucher can be used to make in-store purchases at participating Cartridge World outlets in Australia up to the value stated on the Voucher. 

2.2           By providing your Voucher for use in a transaction you agree that Cartridge World can reduce the value of the Voucher by amount of the purchase.  Any unspent portion of the value will remain available for future use in accordance with these Terms; the Voucher will be amended to state the remaining value. If insufficient value is remaining on the Voucher for the purchase, the Voucher can be used for part purchase in conjunction with other accepted payment methods (for example, credit or debit cards). 

2.3           You cannot use the Voucher for phone, facsimile, email or online purchases, for invoice payments or store accounts, or to purchase other vouchers or gift cards.

3               Right to terminate, cancel or refuse a transaction

3.1           Cartridge Word may refuse to accept a Voucher for a transaction or cancel a Voucher if the Voucher has been defaced, mutilated, altered or tampered with in any way, or if Cartridge World has reason to suspect the Voucher is being used fraudulently or in an unauthorised or illegal manner, or in breach of these Terms. 

3.2           Cartridge World reserves the right to cancel any Voucher for any other reason at any time without notice and will either provide refund or a replacement voucher.

4               Limitation of liability

4.1           You are responsible for the use and security of your Voucher and you are liable for all transactions for which your Voucher is used (except to the extent of any fraud or negligence by Cartridge World). 

4.2           Cartridge World will not be liable for Cards which are lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission, unless Cartridge World has caused this by its negligence.  

4.3           Where any law implies into these Terms any term or imposes any guarantee, and that law avoids or prohibits provisions in a contract excluding, limiting or modifying the application of, or the exercise of, or liability under such term, such terms or guarantees as are not excludable will be deemed to be included in this agreement or operative. However, if the law provides that the liability of Cartridge World may for any breach of such term be limited, such liability will be limited, at the option of Cartridge World, to any one or more of the following:

(a)            if the breach relates to goods, the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods; the repair of such goods; the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or the payment of the cost of having the goods repaired; and

(b)           if the breach relates to services, the supplying of the services again; or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

4.4           Subject to clause 4.3, Cartridge World’s liability to you will not exceed an amount equal to the original value of the Voucher.    

5               General

5.1           If any Terms are deemed unenforceable or illegal, the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.

5.2           In the event of any sale or change in control of its business, Cartridge World may novate its rights and obligations under these Terms to the new owner or operator of the business without prior written notice to you. 

5.3           These Terms are governed by the laws of South Australia.

5.4           These Terms are separate from and additional to any terms and conditions that apply in relation to any goods or services purchased using the Voucher.